We take the best source of every ingredient, starting with quality and going through a combination of flavours to reach the maximum taste for every dish. Overall we aim to create an unforgettable dining experience for our clients. We work with our clients on their chosen menus and take care of every detail to satisfy their dining needs.



We both grew up in big families who had a passion for traditional Italian and Sardinian cooking. To start with, we studied and worked at some of the most refined restaurants on the Northern Coast of Sardinia. From there, we travelled to London where we had the privilege of working in fast-paced, high quality Italian, French and British restaurants. Our travels also took around the world to Australia and Asia were we have been inspired to discover new and exotic flavours which we now add to our dishes, therefore creating a unique experience that we bring to the table of our clients. We are always in search of new culinary ideas, to further enrich our cooking.

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Sardinia chef with a passion for good, fresh and traditional food. I have been a chef all my life as I grew up in a family surrounded by chefs and excellent cooks. I have a big passion for fresh and traditionally cooked food. With my cooking, I always aim to create an emotional experience for my guests.

Chef Marco

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I was born in northern Italy, but grew up in Sardinia. Cooking has always been my favourite hobby since I was a boy. I left home young and ever since, I have travelled around the world in search of unique tastes and flavours. I have now moved back to London where I hope to pursue my passion of bringing happiness and good food to people.

Chef Fabio

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London, UK



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